Kinderland mit Zauberteppich

In winter


the practice area for children is located right behind the Granatalm mountain lodge. It offers slopes of different levels, where children can learn to ski. 
On rainy days and during lunch break, kids can enjoy “Pepi’s Kinderklub” children’s club in the Granatalm mountain lodge - an indoor playground with climbing wall, ping pong table, cinema, and more.
The children’s club is only open during lunch break and can only be used by students of the nearby Skischule Sunny ski and snowboarding school.

Kids, pay attention!

If you look carefully, you may spot Pepi frolicking around the Granatalm.

Pepi im Sommer

In summer



The 8-mete-high Pepi sculpture is right across the Granatalm. It offers climbing ropes, slides, and lots of fun activities on 3 levels. 
In summer, there’s also a giant trampoline, a sand digger, and much more...