Penken Park



The Penken Park fun park has everything, snowboarders or freeskiers can wish for. Eight perfectly shaped lines and a fantastic crowd add to its outstanding reputation.
There are several areas with different skill levels to choose from - Pro Area, Advanced Area, Advanced Jib Area, Medium Area, Medium Jib Area, Fun Area, Beginner Area, and Penken Fun Ride. 

On the “Sun-Jet” 4-seater chairlift, which offers access to the Penken Park, you can watch shredders perform, and you can take photos or videos from a birds-eye perspective.
The Children’s Area also features its own t-bar lift, called the “Mittertrett” lift. 

If you take the “Nordhang” chairlift from the Penken Park to the Penkenjoch plateau, you can easily reach the GRANATALM mountain restaurant.