Harakiri downhill run

100% COURAGE for a
78 % drop


Most winter sports enthusiasts underestimate the slope and approach it way too fast. But if you take caution, you can slowly prepare yourself for the legendary slope no. 34. It’s no ordinary slope.

With a staggering 78 % drop the Harakiri is only suitable for expert skiers. If you are, it will surely be the highlight of your skiing holiday.

Are you ready for the Harakiri slope? Not yet sure if you are up for the challenge? Then try mastering piste no. 12, also known as “Devil’s run”, first. This downhill run is not quite as extreme, but the steep slope near the bottom is called “Harakiri-Test” by the locals. If you can master it, then you’re ready for Austria’s steepest ski run! 


Slope no. 34, also known as “Harakiri” is located at the Penken mountain in the Horberg valley, just underneath the “Knorren” 6-seater chairlift. 
It was opened in the winter season of 2003/2004.
Total length: 2 km
The steepest part of the slope extends over 400 meters.
Artificial snowing is only possible with a difficult and complex layering technique because the snow would otherwise slip off.
It takes a special 9-ton snow groomer with 425 bhp and 4 tons of tractive force to groom the piste.