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Who is Pepi?

Children's playground on Penken near the Granatalm

Once, a giant lived in the Tuxertal who was driven away by the wild maidens of the Tuxertal. What was previously unknown is that the giant also had a playmate in the form of a cuddly bear named Pepi. The giant lost Pepi during his flight, and Pepi has since decided to stay on Penkenjoch forever because there are so many children there. He is now the namesake for all activities related to children at Penkenjoch. You can learn the whole story of Pepi and how he came to Penkenjoch at our Granatalm.

Pepi comes to life in the summer

In the new Pepis Kinderland, an 8-meter high playable Pepi – once the toy of the Tuxer giant – made of wood greets all children. The interior of Giant Pepi is the ultimate playground for all children. On three levels, there's definitely no boredom. In addition to a crawling tube, a playhouse, a distorted mirror, there is also a climbing wall and many other attractions. If you've had enough of all the playing, romping and climbing, simply leave Giant Pepi via the slide.

Not only do the eyes of the Giant Pepi offer a grandiose view of the surrounding mountains, but there are also other viewing windows from which you can watch your parents on our sun terrace.

New attractions for Pepi

In the second summer, Pepis Kinderland was enriched by two attractions. Behind the giant bear, two towers were erected that are reached by a hanging net bridge. Walking across the bridges at dizzying heights takes a bit of courage and is just the right thing for little and big adventurers. Nearly 7 meters above the ground, you can go down from the second tower via a 15-meter slide. The slide gives you a real thrill and makes you want more.

The second new highlight is a large low rope course for children, teenagers and adults. You don't have to secure yourself for it, but you can demonstrate your skills at a low height above the ground. 30 different elements run up and down in the terrain and invite young and old to demonstrate their climbing skills. Many elements can be overcome in various ways, so there's no chance for boredom. The different difficulty levels of the individual parts constantly pose new challenges for the whole family.

At a glance:

  • Climbing ropes, slides..
  • Giant trampoline
  • Sand digger
  • Climbing wall
  • Hanging net bridges & low rope course

Children, keep your eyes open!

If you pay attention, you might see Pepi romping around at the Granatalm!

The perfect practice slope

Directly behind the Granatalm is Pepis Kinderland with several conveyor belts, rope, disc and drag lifts. On a sunny practice slope, with various difficulty levels, children can make their first attempts and learn to ski playfully.

Directly in the Granatalm - Pepis Kinderklub

This is where children's dreams come true. Learning to ski and having a lot of fun off the slopes is now guaranteed. In Pepis Kinderland on Penkenjoch, all kids and ski beginners can playfully dare to make their first attempts on skis. Little winter fans learn the basic skiing technique in the ideal beginner's terrain. The kids have fun and are professionally cared for all around. If the weather is not suitable for skiing, the children's club has countless highlights, such as a climbing wall, hockey table, Lego Soft, TV room (cinema), play system with tower and slide, table football and farm puzzle game.

Pepis Kinderklub is exclusively for ski school children from Ski- und Snowboardschule Sunny for lunchtime supervision.

Our professional partner

Skischule Sunny

The children of the Sunny Ski School have the privilege of using Pepis Kinderklub exclusively. Your children have direct access to the children's club from the practice slope. This avoids unnecessary paths and your child can fully concentrate on skiing.

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