Pepi’s Kinderland

children’s playground
in summer


Pepi’s Kinderland at the Penkenjoch plateau has already been the ideal place for kids to take their first steps on skis during winter, and now it’s also available in summer:
Our children’s playground right in front of our sundeck at the Granatalm mountain lodge. And it can be spotted from afar. 

The highlight of the newly built Pepi’s Kinderland playground is Pepi, a giant wooden bear sculpture, designed after the alleged toy of the legendary Tux giant. The interior of the giant “Riesenpepi” sculpture is the ultimate playground for children. It offers 3 levels of fun and adventure. Children can enjoy plenty of attractions including a crawl tunnel, a playhouse, a distorting mirror, and a climbing wall. And when they’re done playing, they just exit the giant Pepi Sculpture via a slide. 

The sculpture’s eyes offer kids a fantastic mountain view and there are many peepholes, through which they can watch their parents on the sundeck.